关于”上册“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:upper volume。以下是关于上册的九年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。


关于”上册“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:upper volume。以下是关于上册的九年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:upper volume

Area B 3B dear shidezhang hailoy is an excellent tourist. I think you should go to the Great Wall in Beijing. Although it is far away from your home, the Great Wall is one of the wonders in the world.

All Chinese people are proud of it. You can stay at the Brown Hotel. It's cheap, but if you want to have a kitchen, you have to pay more.

Yes, the food is also cheap Your room is enough for your family to live in. There is a big swimming pool near the Brown Hotel. If you have a lot of money, you only need to pay one dollar for the ticket.

You can go there by plane. If you want to save money, you'd better travel by train. Beijing is very hot at this time.

You'd better take cool clothes. When you get there, Miss Fang will take you to Brown Hotel. I hope you have a good trip.

You will enjoy it.




An Excellent Student


As a student in the second year of junior high school, I strive to be an excellent student in every aspect of my life. In terms of academic performance, I always maintain a diligent attitude towards my studies. I listen carefully in class, take accurate notes, and complete my homework on time. If I encounter any difficulties, I will actively seek help from my teachers or classmates.


Moreover, I actively partite in various extracurricular activities. I am a member of the school's English club, where I engage in discussions and debates to improve my language proficiency. I also take part in the school's sports teams, such as basketball and soccer, which not only strengthen my physical fitness but also teach me the importance of teamwork and perseverance.


In addition to academics and extracurricular activities, I also value character development. I always strive to be a responsible and respectful student. I treat my teachers and classmates with kindness and diligently follow the school rules. I actively partite in volunteer activities, such as cleaning the school campus or helping the elderly, as I believe in the importance of giving back to society.


In conclusion, as an excellent student, I strive to excel in academics, partite actively in extracurricular activities, and develop a strong character. I believe that with dedication and perseverance, I can continue to grow and contribute positively to both my school and society.



My name is XXX. My name is XXX. My first name is XXX.

Excuse me, this is your XXX. That's your XXX. This is my sister and TOSE.

This is my friend. Where is your brother? Where is my XXX? My XXX is under the sofa. Do you like XXX? Do I like XXX.






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