关于”上册介绍家庭“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Volume 1: Family。以下是关于上册介绍家庭的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。


关于”上册介绍家庭“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Volume 1: Family。以下是关于上册介绍家庭的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Volume 1: Family

① ② My name is Li Hua. I come from a working-class family. There are six people in my family.

They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sister and every member of my family. They are farmers. They do farm work in their hometown every day.

My father and mother are now working in Africa to help build a power station. My mother is a teacher. She is a teacher My sister is 5 years older than me.

She is a doctor in the people's Hospital of our county. She loves her work and does well. I am a middle school student, I want to take part in this year's college entrance examination.

I hope that I can be admitted to a famous university. That is, all members of my family get along well with each other. We love each other wholeheartedly.

For one's own profession. Register (linr UL) v.


① ②③④⑤⑥⑦我姓李华,来自一个工人家庭,家里有六口人,他们是我的祖父、祖母、父亲、母亲、姐姐和我的每个成员都是自己做生意的①我的祖父和祖母都是农民,他们每天在家乡干农活我父亲是他现在在非洲工作,帮助建造一座发电站我母亲是一名教师她在一所中学教英语我姐姐比我大5岁,是我县医院的一名医生,她热爱自己的工作,做得很好。我是一名中学生,我要参加今年的高考。我希望我能被一所著名的大学录取①②那就是我的家庭所有成员和睦相处③我们全心全意地爱对方①为了一个人自己的行业②注册(linr ul]v.③和谐相处。


My Family

My family is very important to me. I have a small but loving family. There are four people in my family: my parents, my older sister, and myself.



My parents are both working professionals. My mother is a teacher and my father is an engineer. They both have demanding jobs, but they always find time to spend with us. They work hard to provide for our family and have taught me the importance of determination and perseverance.


I have an older sister who is my best friend. She is currently studying in university. She is smart, helpful, and always there for me whenever I need her. We share a lot of laughs, secrets, and adventures together. I am truly grateful for having her as my sister.


In my family, we have a lot of traditions and activities that bring us closer. Every Sunday, we have a family dinner where we all gather to enjoy a delicious meal and share our experiences of the week. We also have a movie night every Friday, where we choose a movie and watch it together. These traditions help us bond as a family and create wonderful memories.


I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. They are always there for me, supporting and encouraging me in everything I do. I love my family with all my heart and I am grateful for their love and care.


Family is the most important thing in life. They are the ones who love and accept us for who we are. I feel blessed to have such a loving and supportive family by my side.



- loving: 慈爱的

- demanding: 要求较高的

- determination: 决心

- perseverance: 毅力

- grateful: 感激的

- wonderful: 美好的

- traditions: 传统

- activities: 活动

- supporting: 支持的

- encouraging: 鼓励的

- blessed: 幸运的

- accept: 接受

- supportive: 支持的


Look at my picture. The girl is May's 14-year-old. I'm in Dongzhou middle school.

I like reading, listening to music and drawing. I'm a happy girl. On the left is my mother.

She is a teacher. She wears a pair of glass colored hair. She looks very young.

On the right is my father. He is an old teacher. He loves his students very much, but he likes smoking.

My grandmother is behind my mother. She is a home My grandfather is behind my father. He is a check, but now he is retired.

There is a big family like my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. They like me.







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