There is at least one graduation and further education every year. When many people graduate, many people go from their original place to another school or another class, or go out to enter a real world. Graduation means taking a step forward.

I remember my high school graduation, my college graduation, and even my graduation school graduation. Every graduation ceremony is very good. I took photos I got flowers, I hugged my parents, I had the urge to move on, I wanted to stay and have more fun, but when we heard the word "graduation," I also wanted to move on.

Naturally, we would like to graduate, but I think it is possible to graduate from a different school. I worked for a company in New York for about three years, and once I felt that I couldn't get away from the public I think it's time to start to move forward. I said that moving forward is a graduation.

Sometimes we are thrown into the world, or to a higher level, whether we are ready or not. Other times we get really equivalent to the time when we want to move forward I prefer the second time. I have a choice.

I like the time and the way of truth. But we don't always get what we want because we can learn from every experience we have, and every experience can be a stepping stone for us to become better people. I know that every time I graduate, I will study with me, but sometimes I will learn Very slow, I want to know when the next graduation.




Dear students, when I am about to graduate, I want to write this letter to express my feelings before leaving school. It is the school life that adds color to my daily life. In the past three years, I spent a good time with my teachers and classmates who supported me.

There is no doubt that I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills beneficial to my future study. However, I also have some regrets, such as wasting too much time playing computer, I spent a little time on learning. Besides, I regret quarreling with my friends when I'm down.

Needless to say, the days when I studied in university are gone forever. I will face many challenges in my new life. Therefore, I should make every effort to study in the University.

Here are some suggestions that you should not waste your time on things unrelated to learning under any cirtances. From this point of view, you should spare no effort to achieve good results in school, I wish you all good luck.





In the era of planned economy, many Chinese dream of getting a secure job. Once they get a position in the government departments, the state or collective enterprises, they don't have to worry about their own future. However, since the reform and opening up, the new labor system and market economy have begun this stable employment mode, which has greatly hindered people's creativity, The establishment of this new and competitive employment model has made great contributions to the rapid development of China's productive forces.






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