关于”题目自拟“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Title of your choice。以下是关于题目自拟的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。


关于”题目自拟“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Title of your choice。以下是关于题目自拟的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Title of your choice

A Collection of Self-Created English Essay Titles 自拟的英语作文题目集锦

As an outstanding student, I always seek to challenge myself and expand my horizons. Today, I have compiled a collection of self-created English essay titles to inspire creativity and promote the development of language skills. Each title is accompanied by its English translation, allowing learners to practice writing in both Chinese and English. Let's dive into the fascinating world of writing and embark on a journey of language mastery!

1. 我眼中的友谊:真实还是虚假?

Friendship in My Eyes: Real or Illusory?

2. 科技带来的进步和挑战

Advancements and Challenges Brought by Technology

3. 如何保护环境?个人责任还是全球行动?

How to Protect the Environment? Individual Responsibility or Global Action?

4. 音乐对我的生活有何影响?

How Does Music Influence My Life?

5. 传统文化在现代社会中的地位与作用

The Status and Role of Traditional Culture in Modern Society

6. 个人成长的关键因素

Key Factors in Personal Growth

7. 童年回忆:甜蜜与挑战共存

Childhood Memories: The Coexistence of Sweetness and Challenges

8. 幸福的定义与追求

The Definition and Pursuit of Happiness

9. 健康饮食的重要性与方法

The Importance and Methods of Healthy Eating

10. 全球化对国家经济的影响

The Impact of Globalization on National Economy

11. 旅游的益处与挑战

The Benefits and Challenges of Traveling

12. 社交媒体对青少年的影响

The Influence of Social Media on Teenagers

13. 文化多样性的尊重与促进

Respecting and Promoting Cultural Diversity

14. 人工智能的前景与困境

The Prospects and Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

15. 追求梦想的勇气与毅力

The Courage and Perseverance in Pursuing Dreams

16. 亲情在现代社会中的重要性

The Importance of Family in Modern Society

17. 教育的真谛与改革

The Essence and Reform of Education

18. 健康生活的真正含义与实践

The True Meaning and Practice of Healthy Living

19. 社会公义的实现与障碍

Achieving Social Justice and Overcoming Obstacles

20. 年轻人的责任与未来

The Responsibilities and Future of Young People



We can see that the world's population is growing day by day, and it needs enough fresh water to feed such a large number of people. Moreover, with the development of industry, factories and vehicles produce toxic gases or wastes. As a result, although fresh water is polluted, due to the limited available freshwater resources, a large number of water resources can no longer be used, so we should quickly Take action to protect water resources, stop pollution and save water.

Otherwise, we will not be able to live on the earth with fresh water, and the world will be prosperous.




Yesterday was my birthday. Some of my classmates gave me presents. My mother prepared a tea party for me.

I invited them all to come. The tea party started at 6:30. We had cold drinks and snacks.

We talked and laughed. We thought we were the happiest people in the world. I like the Spring Festival more than any other festival.

It's a time for rest and joy. I don't need to study. I wear good clothes and eat good food.

I have a good time from morning to night. I am as happy as a king. I come back to my hometown at the beginning of the holiday But make good use of it.

In the morning I review my lessons, read newspapers or magazines, in the afternoon I play ball games with my friends, and in the evening I go fishing in the river. I watch TV with my family. The clock on the wall didn't strike ten when I went to bed.

I had a very happy morning. The weather was very good. I climbed the mountain with my family.

The air on the mountain was very fresh. The flowers and trees on the mountain looked very beautiful when I went home at night. My family and I sat together and watched TV.

We ate fruit while we came back. The whole family was very happy and harmonious. The trip to Japan was very interesting and the weather was very good It's cool and windy.

We fly kites in the park. I bought a watch there. I want to buy more.

But I don't have money. The garden is very beautiful. I love the department stores in Japan.

It's too big. I can't find my mother. The food is delicious.

We ate a lot of fish. I also like the vegetables and cakes there. I hope I can go to Japan again.

My hometown was born in Shenzhen It's a beautiful hometown. Every day we can see the farmers get up early and go to work on the farm. Every night, my brother and I will play toys at my door.

We can see my students go to school by bike. When I go to school, I like my hometown to visit the museum. I took ANN to visit the museum.

Last Sunday, she was surprised to see many old things. She was very interested in the king's hat I wanted to buy one. I told her not.

Ann kept asking me about other things. When she saw something with three legs and a strange coat, she stopped and pointed at me and asked me, what cup was it? I told her we had a good time in the museum.









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