My Father

My father is the most important person in my life. He has always been there for me, guiding and supporting me through every step of my journey. I admire him for his dedication, selflessness, and unwavering love.

My father is a hardworking man. He has never shied away from any challenges that life has presented him with. He has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond to provide for our family. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to spend with me, whether it’s helping me with my school work or simply having a conversation about life.

My father is also incredibly selfless. He always puts the needs of our family before his own. He sacrifices his own desires and comforts to ensure that we have everything we need. I am grateful for his sacrifices and admire his ability to always prioritize the well-being of others.

Above all, my father’s love is what I cherish the most. He loves me unconditionally and has never failed to support me in pursuing my dreams. He is my biggest cheerleader and motivates me to become the best version of myself. I am truly blessed to have such a loving and caring father.

In conclusion, my father is my role model and an inspiration to me. His hard work, selflessness, and love have shaped me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.








The morning after our first child was born, my husband was mistakenly led into another new mother's room. When he entered the room, he leaned over his nap mother, who turned his back to him and gave her a big kiss. This woman saw a stranger and was startled.

But before she could say anything, my husband laughed. I said I didn't know that giving birth would change so many things you should pay attention to. Wrong adjustment of nap V direct V shock V parturient n exercise ① when does the husband go to see his wife in the morning B noon C afternoon D evening D ② why did the husband enter another new mother because of his bad memory The room was misled by nurse C, because he was confused, and the new one needed help.

③ what was the other new mother doing? A she was calling for help B. she was lying in bed awake C. she was asleep.

D. she was chatting with the man's wife. What did the husband do to the other new mother? A he laughed at her and then bent down to kiss her.

C he helped the woman stand up. D he sent a bunch of flowers How did my husband deal with it? A. he ran out quickly.

B. he felt very ashamed. C.

he was very angry with the woman. D. he didn't correct his mistake and tried to make use of it.




When we were agers, dad and I, "when we got to the top of the mountain, I suddenly found it wasn't difficult to get on the road. I understood father: stick to your dream, you can realize it. Father's Day is coming, and I want to say," thank you and wish you, I love you, Dad.







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