关于”6上“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:On the sixth floor。以下是关于6上的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。


关于”6上“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:On the sixth floor。以下是关于6上的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:On the sixth floor

Title: My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I started playing basketball three years ago and since then, I have fallen in love with this sport. Playing basketball not only helps me stay fit but also allows me to have fun and make new friends.

In my leisure time, I often go to the basketball court with my friends. We spend hours practicing different basketball techniques such as shooting, dribbling, and passing. Sometimes, we compete with each other to see who can score the most baskets. It is always exciting to see the ball go through the hoop and hear the sound it makes.

Basketball not only requires physical strength but also enhances my teamwork and communication skills. During a basketball game, it is crucial to communicate with my teammates, understand their movements, and make quick decisions. This has helped me improve my social skills and ability to work with others.

Moreover, basketball has taught me the importance of perseverance and hard work. There are times when I lose a game or miss a shot, but I never give up. I learn from my mistakes and strive to do better next time. This determination has helped me grow as a person and face challenges with a positive attitude.

In conclusion, playing basketball is my favorite hobby. It keeps me physically active, helps me make friends, and teaches me valuable life lessons. I will continue to enjoy playing basketball and push myself to become a better player.









My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Reading is a great way for me to relax and escape from the stress of daily life.

I love to explore different genres of books, such as adventure, mystery, and fantasy. Each time I read a book, I am transported to a different world with fascinating characters and exciting plotlines.

Reading also helps me improve my language skills. It exposes me to new vocabulary and sentence structures, and it enhances my ability to express myself effectively. Furthermore, reading broadens my knowledge and helps me gain new perspectives on various subjects.

In addition, reading is a valuable source of inspiration. Many great writers have influenced me with their creativity and storytelling abilities. Their works have ignited my imagination and motivated me to pursue my own writing dreams.

Overall, reading is not only a hobby but also a lifelong passion of mine. It brings me joy, knowledge, and inspiration. I believe that reading will continue to be an important part of my life.








My Holiday Plan

My holiday is coming soon. I have made a plan for it. On the first day, I will go to the cinema with my friends to watch a new movie. On the second day, I will visit my grandparents with my parents. We will have a big family dinner together. On the third day, I will go hiking in the mountains. I love outdoor activities and I really enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. On the fourth day, I will stay at home and read some books or watch TV. On the fifth day, I will go to the amut park with my little brother. We will play exciting rides and eat lots of snacks. Finally, on the last day, I will do some shopping with my mom.

I am really looking forward to my holiday. I hope I can enjoy it and have a great time.








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