Li Ming and Wang Ying are two students in senior three. They both work hard, but they have different learning methods. Li Ming often sleeps in class instead of listening to the teacher.

As a result, he missed a lot of points from the teacher, and usually needed more time to finish his homework, so he had to stay up late instead of sleeping and get enough sleep . However, Wang Ying's learning style was completely different. She listened attentively and tried to understand every word the teacher said in class.

Therefore, she spends less time doing homework, which makes it possible for her to go to bed early 13inmy opinion, Wang Ying studies more effectively in class and has more free time to have fun, so I prefer her learning method, full of laughter and tears ‰ in order to make the journey safe and effective, our great teachers have contributed their time, energy, love and all We are very grateful to you, dear teachers, for all you have done for us. We are going to leave soon. Though reluctant, this is not the end.

It just means that we are going to start a new journey. Finally, on behalf of all the graduates here, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to our alma mater and our respected teachers. Thank you, English club, English Club, auditorium, student union president Li Hua.

I have a big family The news is to tell you that in order to enrich our campus life and improve our English level, we, the student union, have obviously set up an English club. In addition to learning, there are other things beneficial to us. I believe that the club can make our campus life colorful and rewarding.

We plan to watch English movies in the auditorium on Tuesday night. In addition, there will be an English debate or seminar on Saay evening. The specific problems have not been solved.

If you have good ideas and suggestions, please let us know. If you take an active part in the club, I would appreciate your joining us. So, let's do it the student union.


李明和王颖是高三的两个学生,他们都很努力,但是他们有不同的学习方法 李明经常在课堂上睡觉,而不是听老师讲课。结果,他错过了老师讲的很多要点,而且通常完成作业需要更多的时间,所以他不得不熬夜而不睡觉充足的睡眠 然而,王颖的学习方式却完全不同,她专心听讲,并尽量听懂老师在课堂上说的每一句话。因此,她花更少的时间做家庭作业,这使她有可能早睡 在我看来,王颖在课堂上学习更有效,有更多的空闲时间玩得开心点,所以我更喜欢她的学习方法,充满欢笑和泪水‰为了使旅程安全而富有成效,我们伟大的老师在这里贡献了他们的时间、精力、爱心和全部的心,我们非常感谢你们,亲爱的老师们,为我们所做的一切。




The two photos look very similar at first, but in the first one, a farmer boy is carrying a heavy bundle of straw and can't breathe under great pressure. In the second picture, a student is on his way home from school. He is carrying a heavy schoolbag.

What he hopes is that he will not go to school again. How can two boys of the same age think so differently about school? These two photos show some problems in the current education system in China's poor rural areas, especially in some western regions. Education is also very poor.

There are no teaching buildings, let alone good teachers. The children there can't receive formal education. Sometimes they are forced to leave school because their families can't afford the necessary expenses.

The situation in the city is completely different. Almost all the children in the city Children can receive formal education, they can enjoy bright claooms and adequate facilities, but they also have their own problems. What they are facing is endless homework, which brings great pressure to them.

Some students don't want to continue learning. In view of the above problems, the Chinese government has taken some measures, hoping that the project has been implemented to ensure children in poor areas Some strategies to achieve education have also been implemented, reducing the pressure of students, requiring teachers not to give too much homework, the focus should be on the improvement of quality. However, among students, the improvement of educational conditions still has a long way to go.

We should mobilize the whole society to make some contributions to our education.




In recent years, due to various reasons, traditional Chinese virtues have been forgotten. For example, in the minds of many students, the concept of filial piety to their parents has been discounted or even lost. As far as I am concerned, the main reason is that they lack the sense of gratitude to their parents.

They often think that they are the first and forget to thank them. They always put their parents' training, teachers' teaching and society into consideration We should carry out an activity with the theme of "building a harmonious campus needs Thanksgiving Education", which is of great significance for building a harmonious society and carrying forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.







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