关于”2016年12月“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:December 2016。以下是关于2016年12月的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。


关于”2016年12月“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:December 2016。以下是关于2016年12月的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:December 2016

An Outstanding Student

In my opinion, an outstanding student should possess various qualities, including diligence, intelligence, perseverance, and a positive attitude. During my study in college, I have observed that the students who excel in their academics and make notable achievements in their extracurricular activities tend to possess these qualities.

Firstly, being diligent is crucial for an outstanding student. Diligence means dedicating time and effort to academic pursuits and completing tasks with care. Diligent students are conscientious and do not procrastinate, allowing them to manage their time effectively and achieve better results in their studies.

Secondly, intelligence is another important characteristic of an outstanding student. It is not limited to high IQ, but also includes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to absorb and apply knowledge effectively. Intelligent students are quick learners, understand concepts easily, and can yze and evaluate information critically.

Perseverance is also vital for an outstanding student. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, these students do not give up easily. They possess the determination and resilience to overcome difficulties and keep striving for success. They are willing to put in extra effort and seek help when needed.

A positive attitude is the final attribute of an outstanding student. This means having a proactive and enthusiastic approach towards learning. Students with a positive attitude are motivated, engage actively in class, and are willing to take on responsibilities. They are optimistic, confident, and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, an outstanding student is a combination of various qualities, including diligence, intelligence, perseverance, and a positive attitude. These qualities contribute to their academic success and all-around development. As we strive to become outstanding students, let us cultivate and nurture these qualities within ourselves.









Title: The Importance of Developing Good Reading Habits


In today's fast-paced society, it is essential for individuals to develop good reading habits. Reading is not only a way to gain knowledge, but it also helps to improve one's language skills and broaden one's horizons. In this essay, we will explore why it is important to cultivate good reading habits.


Firstly, reading is a great way to expand one's knowledge and gain new insights. By reading books, newspapers, or articles, individuals can learn about various subjects, such as history, science, and culture. Reading also allows one to stay updated with current events and developments in different fields. The more knowledge one acquires, the better equipped they are to face challenges and make informed decisions.


Secondly, reading helps to improve language skills. Regular reading exposes individuals to a wide range of vocabulary, sentence structures, and writing styles. It enhances one's ability to understand and use the language more effectively. Additionally, reading can improve one's writing skills, as it provides examples of well-structured texts and exposes individuals to different writing techniques.


Lastly, reading helps to broaden one's horizons. Through reading, individuals can explore different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. It allows one to see the world from various angles and gain a deeper understanding of other people's experiences and opinions. By broadening our horizons, we become more open-minded and tolerant towards different viewpoints.


In conclusion, developing good reading habits is crucial in today's world. Reading not only provides knowledge and improves language skills, but it also broadens one's horizons. By dedicating time to read regularly, individuals can gain a wealth of knowledge, enhance their language proficiency, and develop a more open-minded attitude towards the world.



For me, faced with the choice of working in a state-owned enterprise or a joint venture, I am willing to work in a state-owned enterprise for two reasons. First, the state-owned enterprise can provide me with a stable life, so I can spend more time with my parents without worrying about other things. If I work in a state-owned enterprise, I will work easily without too much pressure In short, I think if I can work in a state-owned enterprise, I will have a happy life.






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