Now, because of the reform and opening up policy, great changes have taken place in the countryside. Let me now elaborate on some of the changes. In the past, the quality of the huts that farmers lived in was very poor, and it was easy to be destroyed in the storm.

But now most farmers have their own houses and apartments, some of which are even bigger. What's more, in the past, farmers often starved to death in disasters because they didn't have food to eat. But now farmers can plant many corps to live with or sell with them.

No wonder most of them are People are very rich. In the past, farmers could hardly see the outside world because they wanted to go out if they had to trample on the mountains, but now many roads and tunnels have been built to facilitate their going out. Moreover, most farmers have their own private cars, so they can go anywhere.

In the past, farmers were always suffering from diseases, because there were no doctors at all. In the past, there were many hospitals in rural areas, so they could be cured in time. It is difficult for rural children to learn.

But now, because there are so many schools in rural areas, more and more children can get better education. What kind of good life in the countryside? Maybe the countryside will be more prosperous than the city in the near future.





A new village. It was sunny on September Sunday. Yesterday we went to a village on the way to the village.

We were very happy to see many beautiful rice, vegetables and fruits in the field. We also saw new schools, factories and buildings. We were warmly welcomed in the village.

Some farmers invited us to their houses. They moved to new buildings. Their living rooms were big It's also bright.

There are all kinds of new furniture in it. Almost every family has color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and some people even bought motorcycles. Everyone has a smile on their faces.

It is said that some foreign guests will come to visit us. We are very happy to find that farmers' life has changed a lot. We hope their life will get better and better.

September Sunday is very good. We can't believe it is one In the village, the farmers' buildings are very beautiful, the streets are clean, and there are many flowers in front of the houses. There is a school in the middle of the village.

There is a beautiful building and a big playground. All the children in the village study there. Farmers have become rich by planting vegetables and raising silkworms at home.

There are color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, new furniture, even motorcycles. All of these show that the life of farmers is getting better and better. Great changes have attracted foreigners.

Today, some of them will come to visit us and feel happy for the farmers. We hope that the farmers will become richer and happier.





This summer vacation, I went to the countryside to spend the summer vacation. I like green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals. I breathe fresh air in the mountains.

Sometimes I go swimming in the river. I keep a diary every day. I don't like the scenery of the country.

There are people there. I help them do farm work. I also help the children nearby.

The children are very interested in English. They are good at reading and writing but not good at listening and speaking. I help them They have improved their listening and speaking ability.

Their parents think highly of me. I realize that knowledge is urgently needed in rural areas.






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