Last night, my best friend held his birthday party. I bought him a big cake. Many ordinary friends came.

We ordered food and enjoyed ourselves. We sent him our best wishes, and my friend said, "when we finished our dinner, we sang him a hy birthday song. Then I realized that several friends were whispering.

When I was thinking, they seemed to be planning something. Suddenly, one of my friends picked up a cake and threw it in the face of my best friend. Then everyone was shocked and laughed at me I wonder if my best friend would be angry.

He laughed and threw the cake to us. We ran away, but no one could escape. We all need to wash our faces.

It was a crazy but hy birthday party.




Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our class. First of all, welcome to our party. Let me say a few words about our class.

There are students in our class. Most of us are good at English. We all think that English is a common language.

With the development of global economy, it becomes more and more important. Especially for young people, in our spare time, we usually learn English by reading magazines, watching TV, listening to radio and so on. So we come here to have an English party with foreign friends.

We are going to perform some plays and sing some songs. Of course, most of the programs are performed by our classmates and foreign friends, and will be performed in English. Have a good time.

Thank you.





Party English Essay


A party is a place where people relax, communicate, and celebrate. Attending a party is fun, but for an outstanding student, it is important to know how to communicate with others in English during a party.


There are many benefits of communicating in English at a party. Firstly, you can improve your spoken English skills. Engaging in conversations with non-native English speakers can help you better understand and ly the language. Secondly, by interacting with others, you can meet people from different cultural backgrounds, broaden your horizons, and exchange opinions and perspectives, enhancing your confidence. Lastly, English communication at a party presents an excellent opportunity to build friendships and networks.


So, how can we effectively communicate in English at a party? First and foremost, be brave to speak English. Do not be afraid of mistakes and trust in your abilities. Secondly, actively listen to others to respond better. Maintain friendliness and politeness, respecting others' opinions and cultural differences. At the same time, actively partite in conversations, ask questions, and share your stories and interests. Finally, adapt to different speech rates and accents to better understand others' meanings.


Communicating in English at a party is not only an opportunity to improve language skills but also a moment to showcase our outstanding qualities. By actively engaging in conversations, we can demonstrate confidence, friendliness, and openness. At the same time, it is important to respect others and give each other enough space and attention at the party. Through these efforts, we will become outstanding students and establish deep friendships with others at parties.


In conclusion, parties are excellent venues for students to learn and showcase their English skills. By attending parties and communicating in English, we can enhance our speaking abilities, broaden our perspectives, meet new friends, and exhibit confidence and friendliness. Let us actively engage in English communication at parties and become outstanding students!




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