Although there are many kinds of parachuting, what I want to introduce today is wing suit flight. It is the first famous American "discovery" host named Jeb Jeb Chris. It is also recognized as the world's top and bravest ultimate skydiver.

He is known as the most powerful adventure sports media in Europe and the United States. With his body painting, he painted a picture of "China Southern Airlines direct" In the screams of people, general Batman flew down quickly and quickly through Tianmen cave. After flying for a few seconds, he successfully landed.

He became the first wing mounted flight to fly over the world's highest natural cave. He became the first "Tianmen first set" Jeb in the South on January 1 Flying at a high speed of km / h, he hit a kite not far from the hillside at a high speed of km / h. he generally fell to the ground from a height of about M and rescued him.

Finally, Jeb miraculously saved his life and escaped from a major disaster. After a few months' rest, he decided to return to the extreme stage despite the disheartening of the doctor. Recently, he talked about the action that almost killed him "Every skydiving enthusiast, even everyone in life, is faced with two choices: let fear control you, or learn to overcome and ignore fear." he even said, "limit is not a sport, but my life, and even belief." so he is also known as "flying dead".

Let's take a look at the jump shot, because it's slow motion Shooting, please enjoy the feeling of kissing the sky "discovery".




Title: An Unforgettable Parachute Jump




Last summer, I had the opportunity to try something I had always dreamt of - parachuting. It was an exhilarating experience that I will never forget. In this essay, I will share my remarkable parachute jump and the emotions it evoked in me.




The moment I stood at the edge of the plane, with the wind rushing past my face and the vast open sky in front of me, my heart started beating rapidly. Fear and excitement blended together, creating a whirlwind of emotions. My instructor calmly guided me through the necessary preparations and reminded me of the safety measures.


As I took the leap, the rush of shot through my veins. The feeling of weightlessness surrounded me as I plummeted towards the ground. The sense of and thrill was unparalleled. It felt like I was flying, embracing the wind and defying gravity. The breathtaking view of the world beneath me made everything worth it.


The parachute opened smoothly, and I glided through the air, comfortably suspended in a harness. The tranquility of the descent contrasted with the -fueled freefall, allowing me to savor the moment. From high above, I could see the entire landscape, from mountains and rivers to bustling city streets. It was as if I had gained a new perspective on the world.




In retrospect, my parachute jump was not just an adventure, but also a test of my courage and determination. It taught me that stepping out of my comfort zone can lead to extraordinary experiences and personal growth. The memories of that day will forever be etched in my mind, serving as a reminder to chase after my dreams fearlessly.



Title: Parachuting - The Thrilling Adventure


Introduction 简介:

Parachuting, also known as skydiving, is an exhilarating adventure sport that involves jumping from an aircraft and safely landing on the ground using a parachute. This -pumping activity is gaining popularity among adventure enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will explore the reasons why people are drawn to this exciting sport and the unforgettable experience it offers.


Reasons for Parachuting 跳伞的原因:

1. Sense of adventure: Parachuting offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of flight and the sensation of freefall. The rush of as one jumps from the aircraft is unparalleled, it an exciting adventure for those seeking a dose of excitement.


2. Overcoming fears: Parachuting pushes individuals out of their comfort zones and challenges them to conquer their fears. The feeling of conquering a fear as big as jumping from a plane is incredibly empowering and can boost one's confidence in all aspects of life.


3. Spectacular views: Parachuting offers a breathtaking view of the world from above. The sensation of soaring through the sky and witnessing the beauty of the landscape below is truly remarkable. It allows partints to appreciate the world from an entirely different perspective.


4. Bonding experience: Parachuting can be a shared experience, fostering a sense of camaraderie among partints. Friends or family members who embark on this adventure together create lasting memories and strengthen their bond by experiencing the thrill together.


Conclusion 结论:

Parachuting is an -fueled adventure that provides a unique, thrilling experience. It allows individuals to challenge their fears, build confidence, and experience the world from a completely different perspective. Whether it's the sheer sense of adventure, the breathtaking views, or the bond formed with fellow partints, parachuting offers an unforgettable and life-changing adventure to all who dare to take the leap.






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