关于”介绍悉尼“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Sydney。以下是关于介绍悉尼的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。


关于”介绍悉尼“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduction to Sydney。以下是关于介绍悉尼的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Sydney

The Sydney area is the ancestor of the daruk tribe, whose territory extends from botanical bay to Piter. There are some aboriginal stone carvings in the Sydney area, and many of the suburbs of Sydney have Aboriginal names. The city of Sydney began to live as a place of exile and suffered unnecessary persecution and crime over the next few years.

Despite its brutal start, the city's mixture of pragmatic egalitarianism and simple indifference has transformed it into a prosperous multicultural society. Sydney now attracts most of Australia's immigrants and major communities The port of South Geru, which is about seven miles inland from the Greek port of South Geru, has been flooded by the Greek and Turkish ports about seven miles inland. CBD has become the mini Manhattan of skysers, competing for the dominant position and port landscape, but its merciless side is softened by the dark Hyde Park and the territory park from west to East Darling Harbor.

The main port in the north, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Harbor Tunnel connect the city center with the satellite center business district of North Sydney and the suburbs on the north bank. The city's airport, Kingsford Smith, is the city's airport D Smith), also known as the mascot, is located about km south of the central station of the city. Sydney's main railway station is located in the southern center of the city and the main bus stop is just outside it.

The city has a population of one million and is growing rapidly.



CBD已成为摩天大楼的迷你曼哈顿,争夺主导地位和港口景观,但其无情的一面被阴暗的海德公园和西至东达令港的领地公园所软化北面的主要港口悉尼港大桥和海港隧道将市中心与北悉尼的卫星中心商务区和北岸的郊区连接起来城市的金斯福德·史密斯(Kingsford Smith)又称吉祥物,位于市中心中心站以南约公里处,悉尼的主要火车站位于城市南部中心和主要的公共汽车站就在它的外面。这个城市有一百万人口,而且增长很快。


The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is considered one of the most recognizable images of the modern world, although it has only been open for about a year. Sydney Opera House is the representative of Australia.

The pyramids are made of Egyptian square meters of glass and kilometers long. The opera house is built with cables. It includes a room one meter long and one meter wide.

The roof part weighs about one ton. There are millions of tiles on the roof. People are shown around every year.

But did you know that the roofed opera house was designed by a famous Danish architect? The government set up an eal fund to fund the construction of the Sydney Opera House and held a competition for its design. Josenusen spent years redesigning the design until he solved the problem of how to build a distinctive rooftop sail. In this case, the cost of the company increased dramatically, and Utzon resigned the project at the critical moment.

The Sydney Opera House finally had a rival, and Queen Elizabeth opened the opera house on October, extending from the air or the Sydney Opera House ferry skyline to the seaport. The green water of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are beautiful.







Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia. It is the capital of New South Wales and the largest and most populous city in Australia. Among them, Sydney is highly developed in finance, manufacturing and tourism.

The headquarters of the world's top multinational enterprises and domestic and foreign financial institutions are located in Sydney. It is also the location of the Australian Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of Australia Australia and the th Century Fox studio are also the host cities of many important international sports events. They have hosted the Commonwealth Games at the Sydney Olympic Games in, and held the world cup rugby match in bondeye, Darling Harbor, University s://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/jpeg/0.


悉尼位于澳大利亚东南沿海,是新南威尔士州首府,也是澳大利亚最大、人口最多的城市,其中悉尼金融、制造业和旅游业高度发达,世界顶级跨国企业和国内外金融机构总部落户悉尼,也是澳大利亚证券交易所的所在地,澳大利亚储备银行(Reserve Bank of Australia)和美国世纪福克斯工作室(th Century Fox Studio)也是许多重要国际体育赛事的主办城市,它曾在年悉尼奥运会上主办英联邦运动会,并在大学达令港邦迪“邦迪眼”举办了世界杯橄榄赛,并用一个长i:s://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/jpeg/0。




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