"Dad's a little worried about the disposal of nuclear waste." "if you can empty the trash can, you can do anything." "Hi, honey, how's your school today?" "Dad, you can read all the information about it on my blog." the brief description of the picture expresses your view on the importance of doing small things before doing big things. "" we can see from the comics, there are A father was talking to his son when he heard his son's words: "Dad," I'm a little worried about the disposal of nuclear waste. "The father replied," if you can dump the garbage can here, you can do anything.

"And pointing to the garbage can next to him, the conversation sounds interesting and ordinary. This reflects the father's intention to persuade his son to do small things first, and then to do big things. Sure, doing small things is success The first step will lay the foundation for doing big and small things.

We can accumulate experience, master skills, and train ourselves to be more patient. In other words, we can be ready to meet further challenges in the process of completing small things. Those who want to do great things immediately will be troubled by disappointment, frustration and even failure, because when the "big event" appears, he will It's hard to seize the opportunity because of lack of experience, and confidence comes from doing small things.

Take the picture above as an example. From my perspective, if this little boy doesn't even know how to empty the trash can, how can he successfully dispose of nuclear weapons? Under no cirtances should we underestimate the power of doing small things. We should regard small things as a prerequisite for experience, skills and success.




"From the above cartoon, we can see a teacher and a student standing in the claoom. When she receives the literature book from the teacher, the little girl seems very nervous and unwilling to observe the reaction of the students. The teacher tells her," when you are reading a long short message ", this cartoon aims to tell us that on the Internet and on the days of electronic communication tools such as microblog, mobile phone, QQ, etc Nowadays, many students or agers are not willing to read literary works.

Many people are more used to reading short articles. They think that compared with long articles such as literature, essays are more convenient and time-saving. Moreover, many students refuse to read literature because they think that literature is boring and useless in modern society.

No one can deny the importance of reading literature Sex can enrich people's knowledge and broaden their horizons. In addition, reading literature can stimulate people to think critically and independently by taking time to read literature. We can also cultivate and improve people's personality, such as patience and optimism.

So, why not temporarily break away from reality and spend some time on literature "QQ".






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