关于”介绍家庭“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Introduction to Family。以下是关于介绍家庭的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。


关于”介绍家庭“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Introduction to Family。以下是关于介绍家庭的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to Family

Look at my picture. The girl is May's 14-year-old. I'm in Dongzhou middle school.

I like reading, listening to music and drawing. I'm a hy girl. On the left is my mother.

She is a teacher. She wears a pair of glass colored hair. She looks very young.

On the right is my father. He is an old teacher. He loves his students very much, but he likes smoking.

My grandmother is behind my mother. She is a home My grandfather is behind my father. He is a check, but now he is retired.

There is a big family like my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. They like me.




My Family

Let me introduce my family to you. There are five members in my family: my parents, my elder sister, my younger brother, and myself.



My parents are the pillars of our family. My father is a hardworking and responsible man. He works as an engineer and always provides for our family. My mother is a loving and caring woman. She is a teacher and takes care of the household cs. They both support and encourage us in every aspect of our lives.


My elder sister is a university student. She is very diligent and ambitious. She always achieves good grades in her studies and sets a great example for us. She is also very helpful and often assists me with my homework.


My younger brother is the youngest member of our family. He is very cute and brings joy to everyone with his innocent smile. He is currently studying in primary school and is an active and energetic boy.


As for myself, I am a high school student. I am passionate about sports and love playing basketball. I also enjoy reading books and exploring new knowledge. I aspire to become a successful professional in the future.


In conclusion, my family is a close-knit unit filled with love and support. We always stand by each other and cherish the moments we spend together.



My Family

My family is a small but close-knit unit consisting of my parents, my younger brother and me. We live in a cozy house in a peaceful neighborhood.

In my family, my father is the breadwinner. He works as a computer engineer and is dedicated to his job. He is a responsible and caring father who always puts his family's needs before his own. My mother is a homemaker and she takes care of all the household cs. She is a loving and supportive parent who always makes sure that we have a comfortable and nurturing environment at home.

I have a younger brother who is a high school student. He is a talented and enthusiastic individual who excels in academics as well as in extracurricular activities. We have a great bond and enjoy spending time together playing sports or watching movies.

Our family believes in the importance of quality time spent together. We often have family dinners where we discuss our day and share our thoughts and feelings. During weekends, we go on outings to parks or museums, which helps us strengthen our bond and create lasting memories.

I am grateful to have such a loving and supportive family. They have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and have been my pillar of strength during both joyful and challenging times. I cherish every moment spent with them and I am proud to call them my family.










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