关于”介绍从家到学校“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Translate text into English: Introduction from home to school.。以下是关于介绍从家到学校的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。


关于”介绍从家到学校“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Translate text into English: Introduction from home to school.。以下是关于介绍从家到学校的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Translate text into English: Introduction from home to school.

From home to school

My home is located in the suburbs of the city, and my school is quite far away from my home. It takes about 45 minutes to get to school by bus every day.

Firstly, I need to walk for about 10 minutes from my home to the bus stop. The bus stop is always crowded in the morning rush hour, and I have to wait for a while before I can get on the bus.

Then, I take the bus for about 30 minutes. The bus is always crowded, and sometimes it's difficult to find a seat. However, I like looking out of the window on the bus and watching the cityscape rush past.

Finally, I arrive at the bus stop near my school. From there, it's just a short walk to the school gate. I always feel excited when I see my school coming into view, knowing that I will soon be learning new things and seeing my friends.

Although the journey to school is quite long, it's worth it because I know that I will have a good day at school and learn something new.








From Home to School

My school is located in the downtown area, which means I have to take the bus to get to school every day. The bus stop is just a few blocks away from my house, so I usually walk there. It takes me about five minutes to get to the bus stop.

Once I get on the bus, I usually sit near the window so I can look at the passing scenery. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes, depending on traffic. I usually use this time to listen to music or review my notes.

When the bus arrives at the school, I get off and walk to my claoom. The school is quite big, so it takes me about five minutes to get from the gate to my claoom. I always make sure to get there early so I have time to prepare for the day’s lessons.






Introduction to the Journey from Home to School


Every morning, I embark on a delightful journey from my cozy home to the bustling school campus. This daily adventure not only marks the beginning of a new day filled with possibilities, but also provides me with an opportunity to observe and reciate the beauty of my surroundings. Let me take you through the picturesque route I traverse on my way to school.


Leaving my home, I step onto the bustling street, filled with the energizing sounds of vehicles and the cheerful chatter of passersby. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee from the neighborhood cafe wafts through the air, invigorating my senses. As I walk further, I am greeted by an array of colorful flowers adorning the well-maintained gardens of the houses along the way. Their vibrant hues serve as a reminder that nature's beauty can be found even in the midst of a city.


Along the way, I pass by the local park, where children gleefully play and adults engage in various recreational activities. The sight of their joyous laughter and smiling faces never fails to bring a sense of warmth to my heart. As I continue my journey, I am embraced by the cool, refreshing breeze that gently brushes against my skin, the walk even more enjoyable.


Eventually, I arrive at my school, where knowledge and possibilities await me. The majestic school building stands tall, representing the countless dreams and aspirations of students who have walked these halls before me. The sound of eager footsteps and friendly greetings fill the air, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie.


In conclusion, my journey from home to school is not merely a means of transportation. It is an opportunity to immerse myself in the wonders of my surroundings, connecting with both nature and the vibrant community around me. Each step I take fills me with a sense of gratitude and excitement for the day ahead. The journey from home to school is a testament to the joy and growth that awaits me as a dedicated and enthusiastic student.



1. Embark on - 开始

2. Delightful - 令人愉快的

3. Travers - 穿越

4. Possibility - 可能性

5. Observe - 观察

6. Appreciate - 欣赏

7. Surroundings - 环境

8. Cozy - 舒适的

9. Bustling - 熙熙攘攘的

10. Campus - 校园

11. Adventure - 冒险

12. Vibrant - 鲜艳的

13. Adorn - 装饰

14. Majestic - 雄伟的

15. Aspiration - 渴望

16. Eager - 渴望的

17. Gratitude - 感激

18. Testament - 证明

19. Growth - 成长

20. Dedicated - 敬业的

21. Enthusiastic - 热情的





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